I am heading back to bangalore after a year in Kanpur. Though, I spend most of the year in Kanpur and have a job I love, Kanpur is still not a place I consider home.  That, I guess will always have to be Bangalore. The place I grew up in, made friends, developed interests will always have a  very very special place in my heart. Sure, Bangalore has changed beyond description and comprehension, but there is still something about that place which tugs at my heart and leaves me feeling sad when I have to leave and return.

In contrast each time I get back here after a long holiday,  I get a sinking feeling as the train inches  into the station at Kanpur and wish I were miles away in Bangalore. But, the city notwithstanding, IIT is a rather nice place to live in. One gets to see some nature in the campus which isn’t really visible in the city- atleast the parts I visit or am compelled to visit.

The Bangalore I grew up in was lovely, laid back and life there was slow.  We would go for walks on sundays from our home in Ulsoor to M.G.Road and it felt good to be walking there with the cool breeze and fresh air. The walk to school was also pleasant and unhurried and each time I visit Cambridge Road, I can hardly believe that this was the road I had taken almost everyday for 10 years. It was quiet and had mainly school students on its roads.  I can still recall the smell of the jasmine flowers from the plants that grew in the houses on the way to school. It is replaced by the terribly synthetic smell of petrol these days. The parks and gardens have given way to concrete buildings and the simplicity has been replaced by an opulence which is at once vulgar and repulsive. I wish I could turn the time back and go back to a period where simplicity was a principal component of life.

But inspite of everything, Bangalore is still the place of the people I love- my family and my friends. It is also the place where I learned to dream and realise them..


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  1. July 13, 2007 at 12:05 pm

    Yup, you love the place cos I am right here, waiting for you

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