Bhavishya Badri

This was to be the last of treks on this particular visit. Except for Dr. Raghavendra and myself, the rest of the group was in no mood for any more climbing and trekking and since neither of us had been to Bhavishya Badri before, we were rather keen on the trek. This is 8km trek from the base.

We left Badrinath by the 6:00 a.m. gate and reached Pandukeswar by around 8:00 where another of the 5 Badri temples is situated. This is well maintained and the temples are more than a 100 years old. The archaelogical society of India had taken over this temple also. In this temple Vishnu is in a meditative pose.

After a trip to this temple and a fracas with the driver, we proceeded to Joshimath, where we stopped for a quick breakfast. We then drove over to Tapovan. The road is terrible – a national highway is being made- the views breathtaking. We arrived at Tapovan and found a place to stay in – which was the worst place in the entire trip. At around 11:00, we proceeded to the base of the trek. About 1 km ahead there is an ashram, where the others in our group planned to relax while we went on with our trek. The day started out being very sunny and bright. We reached the ashram and we found that the people there were very nice. Actually, throughout this trip I have had the pleasure of meeting lovely, hospitable people. Here is a picture with some of the inmates of the ashram. I had rhododendron juice  for the first time. The flowers were no longer in bloom.

Bhavishya Badri is about 5km away from the ashram. The ascent is steady and the trek is through the forest. Being summer, the wild roses and the other flowers were in full bloom and the scent of these flowers was heady to the point of being intoxicating. If there ever was paradise on earth, this surely must be it.

Along the entire route one sees the majestic Dhauli Ganga coursing through the plains and far far ahead the nanda devi peak offers a glimpse ever so rarely when the clouds relent. We couldn’t help feeling that our visit wasn’t well timed as the clouds were overcast for much of our journey. Surely, this kind of weather did have its charms, but I had wanted to have atleast one view of all the peaks, which I couldn’t get on this journey. But, that was the only thing missing in an otherwise perfect trek.

We had hardly walked for about 3km, when the winds started getting stronger and the rain started pouring. The route was so beautiful- this place isn’t called “the small valley of flowers” for nothing – that we could hardly bring ourselves to turn back. We had to see the temple. Again negotiating the soggy trails with an umbrella in one hand and a stick in the other and praying for clear skies we continued walking. The flowers were getting prettier and because of the rains I couldn’t get my camera out. Just as we were approaching the temple we met a family which had lots of children. Either the children were totally bored or they were intrigued by the sight of strangers – the boy started following us in the pouring rain.

The setting was perfect. Perhaps sometime in the “hopefully” very distant future roads will be made for the people to have an “easy” trip to this place – like the present day Badrinath. But, for now, the place is quiet, calm and perfect. A world, where the only sounds are those, of the rustling of leaves, the gusty wind and the birds. It is a world where the words like peace and happiness take an altogether different meaning and which seem so attainable and desirable. I couldn’t thank god enough for this glorious opportunity for having been able to do this trek. If only the skies had been clear and Nanda Devi had made much much more than a fleeting appearance. That perhaps is for the next time…….


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  1. Jito Ray said,

    March 20, 2013 at 9:36 am

    I came to your blog while searching for Bhavishya Badri and I believe I should appreciate the good work you have done here in your blog. Really have enjoyed reading here … thanks for sharing

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